VISIR: Transparency at its highest level

The computer code used by VISIR for computing optimal route is now open and free! Following a policy of total transparency started with the publication of all model components on...

A case of VISIR "user uptake" at Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Karine Jansen, an Ocean Engineering student, has recently employed VISIR operational service for one of her M.Sc. class projects at  Stevens Institute of Technology...

Pubblicato paper su VISIR per barche a vela!

Un paper su VISIR per barche a vela è stato pubblicato dalla rivista online IEEE Xplore.

Salento! Style Beach Concept

We will attend at the free association LAICA (Lecce) the 21th November 2015,since 4:00 PM

Xoff Event – Conversazioni sul futuro

Are you a sailor, a fisherman or a sea lover? 7th November 2015 we are waiting for you at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change ( Via Augusto Imperatore 16 , Lecce ) to show you our developed systems for Situational Sea Awareness (SeaConditions, Visir®, Ocean-SaR, Witoil, Marinenvironmenteand Early Warning).
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